Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017


The representatives of Catalan people Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart were arrested and imprisoned by Spanish fascist monarchist regime in Madrid.
Francoist monarchist thugs should immediately set them free.



Montag, 15. Mai 2017


Dear Dr. Barbour,

I enjoyed very much your lectures posted on youtube. Being neither a mathematician nor a physicist but rather a humble biochemist and translator of technical and scientific literature, I certainly cannot grasp the mathemathics decorating different learned opinions on the structure of Universe, the essence of Time etc. Nevertheless I am interested in these matters and use them as a sort of gymnastics for my brain.

I would like to comment on one particular subject, which you spoke on just at the end of your lecture "Does Time exist?" at The Perimeter Institute, see . It is the problem of so-called sense of time. Or in other words, why time - an illusion according to the QM theory - is so overwhelmingly real in practice. Being a biologist, I would like to assure you that this problem is trivial when approached from an appropriate scientific position. In this case we require neither "a deeper understanding of conscience", nor appellating to Rev. Berkeley, nor meditating on "conscious memory", "logical necessity" etc. etc.

This is the approach of late Prof. B.F. Skinner, who was known as "the father of radical behaviorism". This approach sweeps away as nonsensical rubbish the whole bumptious verbiage of cognitivism-mentalism - the pseudo-science which regrettably is fashionable nowadays.

When considering the problem of the sense of time we should keep in mind the operant nature of behavior discovered and studied by Prof. Skinner. Operant is the universal mechanism of seemingly "spontaneous" animal and human behavior which roughly speaking consists of:
- operant contingencies, i.e. the specific environmental situation in which the sequence of events and actions comprising a given operant can probably start and "develop in time",
- operant signal informing some properly conditioned animal or human that:
- if it/he/she instantly emits the specified act of behavior,
- then with some probability either the positive reinforcement (reward) of this act, or non-appearance of (otherwise inevitable) negative reinforcement (punishment) will follow.

I would like to repeat that the operant nature of animal and human behavior was firmly established by Prof. Skinner and his followers on the basis of extensive experimentation. Operant behavior is a fundamental mechanism of adaptation of individual organisms to their environment, no less fundamental than the Darvinian evolution by means of natural selection which is the mechanism of the environmental adaptation of species.

Being such an important instrument of the individual adaptation of animals, operant behavior as a process taking place on time schedule inevitably involves the "sense of time" as an "inner clock" - the fact also firmly experimentally established by Prof. Skinner.

It is therefore quite obvious that such things as "conscious memory", "consciousness" and especially "self-consciousness" are not necessary pre-requisites for this "sense of time". All of these entities are the result of social behavior of humans and very often involve verbal communication which is a marvellous instrument of social life and the only thing differing mankind from other animals.

Sincerely yours,


Montag, 30. Januar 2017



(Пишу эту заметку по-английски - для западной публики, которая зачарована режимом Иудушки Путина. Заметка посвящена избиению правозащитницы Елены Рохлиной и адвоката Алексея Суханова распоясавшимися судебными приставами в Тверском суде г. Москвы, где власти устроили позорное судилище над правозащитниками-мухинцами - ИГПР "ЗОВ" - за попытку законным образом провести референдум.

Должен заметить, что правозащитники сами должны преодолевать языковый барьер и делать сообщения на английском, чтобы на Западе их услышали и кто-то вообще начал бы протестовать против безобразий и бардака, царящих в России. Западные масс-медии крайне тенденциозны и поднимают шум только из-за своих прозападных антикоммунистических бздиссидентов вроде Навального.)

The lies of western alternative media when they report on Russia are amazing. In reality Mr. Putin's bunch of thieves and corruptioneers is very similar to "banana republic" regimes imposed by western imperialism on the peoples of the "third world" and is a dead loss for the people of Russia.

Please watch this video in Russian where the alternative media journalist Mr. Maxim Kalashnikov interviews a witness and both victims - a human rights activist Ms. Helen Rokhlin and a lawyer (attorney) Mr. Alexei Sukhanov telling the bitter truth about the repressions and brutal violence of Mr. Putin's bureaucratic bloodhounds directly in the Moscow Tverskoi courthouse.

Ms. Helen Rokhlin in the lobby of Sklifosovski emergency hospital

Mr. Alexei Sukhanov after emergency treatment at Sklifosovski hospital

Ms. Rokhlin and Mr. Sukhanov were sadistically humiliated and brutally beaten up by a bunch of "sudebnye pristavy" (a special russian judicial police force which is widely known to be nothing but rascalous thugs) for attending the kangaroo court hearing which corrupt Putin's regime fabricated against a group of russian human rights activists headed by Mr. Mukhin (ИГПР "ЗОВ" - Initiative Group for People's Referenda).

Quite obviously western alternative media should start reporting the crimes of Putin's regime composed of the same sort of corrupt pro-western puppets as all other pseudo-democratic regimes installed by western imperialism in Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet Republics, like e.g. bandero-fascist criminal regime in the Ukraine and ultranationationalist regimes in Poland, Rumania and Baltic States.

It is also important to accentuate the fact that the so-called "human rights activists" - "dissidents" of the past who were mobilized and protected by western imperialism to pester the Soviet ruling "nomenklatura" of Mr. Brezhnev, are now  either best friends of Mr. Putin & his oligarch mafia (e.g.  the notorious "dissident" Ms. Alexeeva):

or specialize in "protecting the rights" of ISIS western terrorist mercenaries (like ex-actress Ms. Akhedzhakova):

Contemporary Russia has enormous deficit of democratic and socialist political culture. Reactionary restoration of capitalism after the breakup of Soviet Union resulted in the emergence of a vicious and corrupt regime of criminal comprador oligarchs doing their best to imitate 19th century "robber barons". Russian "presidential democracy" in reality is a pro-western "banana republic" dictatorship. Even the only truly opposition party in Russia (the KPRF communist party headed by Mr. Ziuganov) is simply a bunch of spineless opportunists. This catastrophic antidemocratic and antisocial climate was deliberately created in Russia by western secret service puppeteers who pulled the strings of neoliberal scumbag gangs of Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. Yeltsin.

It is scandalous that western and especially american public, when trying to specify the vices of capitalism, use totally inadequate words which were perfidiously turned by western capitalist propaganda into dirty words of abuse - communism, socialism, materialism! The overwhelming majority of oppressed Russian people is longing for the revival of Soviet socialist system of government and rejects capitalist exploiters and beaurocratic parasites of Putin regime, as genuinely independent opinion polls invariably demonstrate:

Poll data of a recent Vlad Zhukovski's TV show "Красная линия" - "Red line" audience.
Question: "What is the solution of poverty problem in Russia?"
Multiple choice replies:
- Reduction of population size - 3 %
- Economy growth acceleration - 6 %
- Activities of charitable organizations - 1%
- Government policy based on socialist principles - 90 %

Tragically, this will of russian people is stubbornly ignored by the treacherous pro-western Putin-Medvedev government and mass-media, both in Russia and in the West. The handful of opposition intellectuals voicing in the web this terrible truth about political situation in Russia is subject to incessant government repressions. In my opinion, the central consensual figure among those who clearly represent democratic and socialist political values is Mr. Yuri Boldyrev:

Mr. Boldyrev
Please visit his very informative web site (in Russian) here: /

Freitag, 20. Januar 2017



This con is as false as a 3 US $ bank note. Silly kids believe it is genuine...

It is the same vicious plot of "color revolution", designed by the CIA hireling Gene Sharp, which ruined Yugoslavia, Libya, Ukraine (twice) and Syria and badly damaged Egypt, Kyrgizstan (three times), Tunesia and Georgia.

Wall St. banksters handsomely pay the anarcho-fascist rioters to destroy USA.

Freitag, 16. März 2012


Please read the truth about the systematical war crimes of the USA military:

“The Lone Gunman” of Kandahar Province? "The Dehumanization of the Enemy" Engrained in the Behavior of US Soldiers...

by Andy Dilks

Orwell Was Right Weblog

The official line for the atrocity carried out in Kandahar has now been clearly established: a US soldier went off base alone in the night and proceeded to kill 16 civilians in a nearby village before setting fire to the bodies. Condemned as “intentional murderers” by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the US government has announced the obligatory “rapid and thorough” investigation. Tensions were already inflamed over the burning of the Quran by American soldiers, and following on from the revelation of “kill teams” collecting body parts as “trophies” and the leaked footage of troops urinating on dead Afghans, there is much concern that the latest atrocity will escalate tensions and stretch even thinner an already fragile relationship between the occupying US Army and the local population.

The latest line from the US government on the killings has been to discuss at length the mental state of the gunman. Initially, he was described as being possibly “deranged” at the time of the shootings; then, it was stated that he had suffered a “mental breakdown”, yet another soldier from Fort Lewis-McChord (described by the military newspaper Stars and Stripes as “the most troubled base in the military”) to have buckled under the strain of warfare and gone on a killing spree (a considerably more common trait for US soldiers than their NATO allies).

It’s certainly plausible: on his fourth tour and allegedly undergoing marital problems, it doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to accept that this extreme outburst of violence may have been the result of insurmountable psychological pressures. Additional reports have since emerged pointing to a “traumatic brain injury”, although since this alleged injury he has had at least two health checks, including a mental health screening as part of his sniper training back in 2008, so the role this may have played in the killings is unclear.

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary with this narrative – until you include the eyewitnesses.

According to PakTribune: “One Afghan father who said his children were killed in the shooting spree accused soldiers of later burning the bodies.” Reuters were told by witnesses that “a group of US soldiers” arrived at the village and were responsible for the killings. Resident Haji Samad said: “They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them … I saw that all 11 of my relatives were killed, including my children and grandchildren.” A neighbour, Agha Lala, added, “They were all drunk and shooting all over the place.”

The official response from the US came shortly after: “Based on the preliminary information we have this account is flatly wrong,’ the official said. ‘We believe one U.S. service member acted alone, not a group of U.S. soldiers.” No information has been provided to refute the testimony of the eyewitnesses, who also described shots being fired from several directions. As Afghan lawmaker Abdul Rahim Ayubi observed, “It is not possible for only one American soldier to come out of his base, kill a number of people far away, burn the bodies, go to another house and kill civilians there, then walk at least 2 kilometers and enter another house, kill civilians and burn them.” Local Panjwai councilman, Abdul Ghani, corroborated the unlikelihood of a single shooter, stating, “The villagers said they were hearing machine gun fire and pistol fire from different directions.”

But while objectively-speaking the evidence would point towards multiple shooters, once again the media has taken the pronouncements of unnamed “US officials” as gospel: the official line has been set in stone in print and on the news and the eyewitness accounts of drunken troops killing over a wider area, firing wildly and burning bodies has been expunged from the record. It is indicative of the culture of misinformation we live in that the US narrative is implicitly accepted as “the truth” despite the lack of corroborating evidence, their track record of deceptions and cover-ups and the obvious motivation to downplay the scale of the attacks in light of the other numerous atrocities carried out by US soldiers.

Despite the well-documented, deep-rooted culture of racism and violence within the US military towards the indigenous populations of the lands they occupy (as Iraq war veteran Kevin Baker has said, “When I was in the military, racism was a very vital tool for the military to encourage soldiers to hate the people that they’re occupying”), the PR machine continues its desperate drive to maintain the public image of the mission in Afghanistan as one of “nation building” and “winning hearts and minds”. Portraying these killings as an abberation – the acts of a single, disturbed soldier – is a crucial component of “damage limitation”.

The reality is that such atrocities have become engrained in the behaviour of many US soldiers, a product of the dehumanization of the enemy from the moment they enter boot camp to institutionalized racism throughout the ranks following deployment. As Kevin Baker observes, “If you look at these situations, they are not single acts of isolation. The Afghan kill team that was done by the US military out of Fort Worth, this situation, the desecration of the Qu’ran, the kill teams in Iraq. These are not isolated incidents; they are organic in the way the US military fights and it’s organic in the nature of imperialism.

(The article was published by: Global Research, March 14, 2012 - )